Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Allergan Asia Pacific Medical Aesthetic Congress 2011 | The Aesthetic Studio Singapore

Dr. Jonathan Lee was recently invited to participate in the Allergan Asia Pacific Medical Aesthetic Congress, which was held on the 19th and 20th of March 2011 in Cebu, Philippines.

Entitled Combining aesthetic science and artistry, the invitation-only 2-day event had 200 delegates in attendance from over 12 Asia Pacific countries, and an esteemed international faculty of dermatologists and plastic surgeons from Asia Pacific, Europe and the United states.

Allergan Asia Pacific Medical Aesthetics Congress 2011

Invited speakers included Drs. Greg Goodman (Sydney, Australia), Mauricio de Maio (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Hervé Raspaldo (Cannes, France), Michael Kane (New York, USA), Peter Callan (Melbourne Australia), Vic Narurkar (San Francisco, USA), Steven Liew (Sydney, Australia), Gregor Wahl (Berlin, Germany) and Hisham Abdalla (Auckland, NZ).

The packed 2-day program combined lectures and workshops with live injection demonstrations, small group sessions and expert panel case discussions; and provided ample opportunities for scientific exchange, sharing of clinical experience and networking between delegates and faculty.

Topics included all aspects of facial rejuvenation and aesthetic enhancement utilizing injectable treatments Botox and the Juvederm range of dermal fillers, such as treatment the peri-orbital region, the peri-oral region, forehead temple and brow aesthetics, midface volume correction, décolletage neck and hand rejuvenation and strategies for nose shaping and enhancement.

The meeting was certainly a unique opportunity for leading aesthetic practitioners from the Asia Pacific region to share their best practices, discuss latest medical aesthetic treatments, and share their tips and tricks for achieving the best cosmetic outcomes in our patients. There was a lively exchange of ideas and philosophies between delegates and faculty, highlighting both similarities and differences in the treatment, needs and demands of patients of different ethnicity (Caucasian, South and East Asian) and cultural background.

One particular emphasis in the meeting was improving physician skills in facial assessment, bringing together anatomical concepts of facial aging, facial analysis, concepts of beauty, and practical therapeutic solutions. These discussions were followed by actual patient examples and live procedures, with the faculty members demonstrating a variety of advanced injection techniques.

Botox and Dermal Fillers have most certainly changed the landscape of cosmetic practice in recent years, providing powerful, proven and effective treatments to address so many of our patient’s cosmetic concerns – while offering the safety, simplicity, comfort and convenience of a ‘lunchtime’ procedure. New techniques and applications are continually being developed and described.

Many thanks to Allergan for so ably organizing a complex yet outstanding meeting and for their commitment to physician education and improving safety and outcomes for our patients.

For more information on Botox and Filler treatments as well as other treatments, check out our website: www.aestheticstudio.sg/services-facial-aesthetics.html

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